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60 results found
60 results found
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Men's Chronograph Watches

Explore our large collection of men's Chronograph Watches, with exclusive discounted prices when you shop with the Movado Company Store.

The Chronograph range is home to a wide selection of best-selling designs from leading watchmakers and fashion brands, including Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Movado and more.

The ideal combination of functionality and style, with state-of-the-art timekeeping and stopwatch technology, as well as eye catching modern designs. Find your perfect chronograph watch today.

Is an Automatic watch the same as a Chronograph watch?

It depends! An automatic watch is powered by the motion of your wrist, while a chronograph is a type of watch dial that has a small collection of functional, smaller dials on the face that can track times. A chronograph watch can use automatic or quartz movement, and an automatic watch may use a chronograph or three-hand dial.

So, what is the difference between an automatic watch and chronograph?

An automatic watch is a self-winding watch, using self-winding movement. With an ability to automatically wind and recharge itself through the motions and movements of the wearers wrist.
A chronograph watch usually has two-three smaller dials on the face that act as stopwatches, these smaller watches don't interfere with the main watch itself.
Simply put, a chronograph is a style of watch dial design and an automatic is a type movement and mechanics of a watch.

What type of watch is more accurate?

While both automatic and chronograph watches are very accurate, there is further functionality with Chronograph watches.
If the chronograph has a tachymeter inscribed along the edge, allowing wearers to convert elapsed time into speed.

The Movado Company Store, both online and at our retail locations, is the official outlets of the Movado Group, offering exclusive savings on must-have designs. Subscribe below to sign up and save.

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